The Devotional Wesley

Cary Balzar (From the Bristol House Collection)

John Wesley was always interested in providing good material for the devotional lives of his Methodist preachers and people.  He edited his own material to create 'practical theology'.

Author Balzer has recognized that Wesley's writings lend themselves to be read devotionally.  Obsolete language has bee  updated; obscure historical and literary references have been replaced or footnoted.  In every case, the author's goal is to convey Wesley's ideas in plain and understandable modern English.  The five chapters are:

  • Universal Grace
  • Salvation by Faith
  • Christian Holiness
  • Christian Life
  • Christ's Sermon on the Mount

Each chapter contains five sections and each section includes an opening prayer; a description of the historical context of the sermon; Scripture passage; a sermon excerpt divided into readable portions; reflection questions; a related hymn and a closing prayer.

The devotional collection may alsbe be used by a small group or a Sunday School class.

Dr. Billy Abraham at Perkins School of Theology comments: "Cary Balzer has provided a splendid way into the devotional treasures of Wesley. The material is organized in a user-friendly manner; it is peppered with appropriate hymns; and the commentary is wonderfully apt. Wesley is at his best as a spiritual director; this volume will take those who use it into a deeper and more satisfactory relationship with the living God".

John Wesley's sermons continue to engage us more than 200 years after they were written.