Discipleship Bands

Mark Benjamin and JD Walt

A Discipleship Band is a group of three to six people meeting together for the purpose of deeper discipleship in the context of strong relationship. Why another type of group? Simply put, it is biblical, it is Wesleyan, and it is a mostly missing and vital discipleship element in the twenty-first-century church. This booklet is designed to guide you in practical ways to commence and pursue this pathway of banding together in micro-community discipleship—both through the newroombands.com online platform or in an offline capacity with your group.

Change is long. Change is hard. Change is slow. And change is glorious. If we want to pursue the fullness of life as a new creation, we must meet one another at a new level. Go this way with us. It will not be the easiest thing you will ever do, but it will be the most powerful and one of the graces for which you will be most grateful.