Seedbed Ebook FAQ

Downloading ebooks from smaller retailers can sometimes feel a little confusing, so we want to answer in advance some questions you might have.

Which ebook file should I download?

Ebooks come in two different formats — .mobi and .epub. MOBI is formatted for Kindle reading, while EPUB is formatted for other e-readers (Kobo, Nook, etc.). When in doubt, do some research to make sure you understand what file your reader is designed to manage.

How do I access my ebook file after purchase?

Following your purchase, you'll receive two emails. The first will be an order confirmation. It will be followed by a second email containing a download link.

How many devices am I able to download by ebook onto?

The link you receive by email will allow four different downloads, meaning you have the ability to put your ebook on four different devices.

Do I own my ebook?

Unlike with Amazon, when you download an ebook from Seedbed, you actually receive a file that downloads to your computer or other device, meaning you own your ebook free and clear (as long as you keep track of the file).

How do I put my ebook on my e-reader?

If using a tablet, such as an iPad, the file you're delivered should automatically open in your e-reader app (for a .mobi file this will be the Kindle app, for an .epub it will likely be iBooks). Just click the link from your email client on your tablet.

To get the file onto your Kindle e-reader, follow these instructions:

  1. Connect your Kindle to a computer using a USB cable.
  2. Open the Kindle drive. You will see several folders inside, one of which will be named "documents." Drag and drop the downloaded file there.
  3. Safely eject your Kindle device from your computer and unplug the USB cable. Your content will should then appear on the Home screen.

Instructions for Kobo can be found here. Instructions for Nook can be found here. Ask Google for help with other e-readers.

Other questions? Email micah.smith(at) for anything we may have missed above.