Called: Following a Future Filled with the Possible

JD Walt

Called explores the biblical landscape of "calling," unfolding a 21 day pathway of discernment of how God accomplishes his often unconventional purposes through very unlikely people. This resource is well suited for an individual seeking a deeper walk of faith, especially persons at critical junctures of transition (i.e. career change, graduation, etc.) The resource serves nicely for a short term small group study and would also be well suited for a short term congregational study series.


"This little book packs a big punch. It is a biblically faithful and relentlessly helpful manual for living out the radically countercultural Christian life in the modern world! It charts a course of scriptural holiness in a broken world and positions you and me to be hilariously fruitful for Christ and His kingdom." Gary G. Hoag, PhD – Generosity Monk

Preview the first three days of Called.

    *Church leaders interested in a free preview copy for possible congregational use can email