Fully Digital Experience (entire year)

Trackers of Truth

The Fully Digital Experience is the whole Trackers of Truth package for the year delivered online to your leadership and teachers. No physical products will be shipped to you, and the content will be accessed via the Seedbed Kids website wherever you have internet access.  

Each of the 40 Old Testament lessons of the program are included in this product. Weekly components include:

  • Leader Guide (downloadable PDF)
  • Leader Guide (editable Word file available upon request)
  • All student activity pages—Level A, Level B, Level C (downloadable PDF)
  • Animated videos (.mp4)
  • Trackers worship album (.mp3)
  • Trackers worship chord charts (downloadable PDF)
  • Lyric and hand motion videos for worship (.mp4)
  • Small teaching posters (downloadable PDF) 
  • Student take home cards (downloadable PDF)
  • Large classroom Challenge posters (downloadable PDF)
  • Farm Talk Podcast (.mp3)
*Note: The Fully Digital Experience price is for the full year of material and is non-refundable once purchased.