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Julian Claudius McPheeters was born on July 11, 1886 in Logan Creek, Missouri. His father worked as both a farmer and a pastor in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. McPheeters was educated in Missouri and served a number of churches in that state. In 1918, he contracted tuberculosis and fought for three years to combat the illness. Shortly afterward as the pastor of University Methodist Church in Tucson, Arizona, he developed the first of many radio shows for shut-ins, as well as a circulating library for others with tuberculosis and another for prison inmates.

J. C. McPheeters was a close friend of H. C. Morrison, and because of this relationship he was appointed in 1930 as the pastor of Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, California. Here he wrote religious columns for the San Francisco Examiner, developed more innovative radio programs, and became actively involved in the plight of migrant workers. H. C. Morrison chose J. C. McPheeters to follow him as the second president of Asbury Theological Seminary and the editor of the Pentecostal Herald. At first, McPheeters led the seminary from California, but ultimately he left Glide Memorial in 1948 to relocate to Kentucky.

J. C. McPheeters served as president of Asbury Theological Seminary from 1942 to 1962, and during that time he raised funds and established the institution on a sound financial basis for its future growth. He continued to serve the church as an evangelist and Asbury Theological Seminary till his death in 1983. First Fruits Press is delighted to reintroduce the works of J. C. McPheeters to a new generation.