Seedbed Sower's Almanac & Seed Catalog 2016-2017


Last year we released our very first edition of the Seedbed Sower's Almanac and Seed Catalog. You may have seen it. It found its way onto coffee tables, bed stands, and into reading rooms (aka bathrooms) all over the country.

It was so well received that we had no hesitation in doing it again, but with a different spin. This year's edition is designed to inspire your every day life, encourage your faith, and share a vision of how we can sow together for a great awakening in the season ahead. It is not a book for professional preachers, but we think preachers will enjoy it. We made this for every day Christians.

In these pages you will find inspiring articles, informative essays, short Bible studies for each month of the year, the Bible in Tweets, free marriage counseling, tips and tricks for turning little outlaws into saints (i.e. parenting), and even some tasty recipes for your next potluck. In short, it’s a fun type of field guide for the Christian life you will want to turn to over and over again.

Oh and because this field guide was designed with families in mind, we'd love for you to share it with all the families you know. To that end, we've packaged them up and will cut you an extraordinary deal—100 books for $99.95. When they're gone, they're gone.