Sower's Creed Poster


The Sower's Creed poster is a 3-color silkscreen print on 100lb. Speckletone French Paper with white, green and metallic copper inks. At a standard 18"x24" size, it comes to you ready for framing. Quantities are limited.


Today, I sow for a great awakening.

Today, I stake everything on the promise of the Word of God. I depend entirely on the power of the Holy Spirit. I have the same mind in me that was in Christ Jesus. Because Jesus is good news and Jesus is in me, I am good news.

Today, I will sow the extravagance of the gospel everywhere I go and into everyone I meet.

Today, I will love others as Jesus has loved me.

Today, I will remember that the tiniest seeds become the tallest trees; that the seeds of today become the shade of tomorrow; that the faith of right now becomes the future of the everlasting Kingdom.

Today, I sow for a great awakening.