The Daily Asbury

Ed. by Donald Demaray (From the Bristol House Collection)

A different approach to a devotional book: Author Don Demaray has provided 'bite-sized' expressions of truth from Francis Asbury's journals.  Most daily readings can be read in a minute or less.  However, brevity does not mean that these devotional thoughts do not have soul-impacting depth.

The author has organized these brief passages around themes, such as the presence of God, rewards of hard work, attitude towary money, grace and Christian discipline.  The reader lives with a theme for a week, thus keeping mental and siritual company with Asbury for a year.

Francis Asbury, Methodism's energetic circuit-riding evangelist, traveled more than a quarter million miles in America during his five years of ministry. He preached in taverns, prisons and fields, while struggling with illness, poor weather, insects and belligerent people.

In contrast to the Oxford-educated John Wesley, Asbury was largely self-taught.  In this, Asbury gives us enormous encouragment.  Do any of us feel adequate for God's work? The benefit of reading Asbury daily is that we learn that God meets us at our individual points of need, pouring oil on our wounds and inspiring us to complete divine assignments.