The Fulfillment: Jesus and the Old Testament

Timothy C. Tennent

The Old Testament is both common and strange to many Christians. On one hand, it contains some of the most familiar stories known to us, while on the other hand, it can be intimidating and difficult to understand. However, to lack a basic knowledge of the Old Testament is a great hindrance to fully grasping how Jesus Christ fulfills ideals and expectations that were set in motion hundreds and thousands of years before.

Many stories of many leaders are woven into the Old Testament. In The Fulfillment: Jesus and the Old Testament, Timothy Tennent focuses on four—those of Adam, Abraham, Moses, and David—that are of such immense importance that every Christian must know how to relate to them.  

Through the devotionals in The Fulfillment, you will come to appreciate the Old Testament more fully and see with even greater clarity the full power and revelation of Jesus Christ.