The Intercessory Life: A Missional Model for Discipleship

Maxie Dunnam

Maxie Dunnam's six-week study challenges us to get beyond the cozy comforts of a devotional life and break into ways of living prayer that open new horizons of possibility. The Intercessory Life: A Missional Model for Discipleship is the pattern for our interior growth in prayer as well as the outward expression of a missional Christ-life in the world.

The Intercessory Life is about discipleship. To be sure, intercession is prayer, but prayer is only one expression of intercession, though much more. Intercession is the pattern for discipleship. Yes, right now. In your world. In your church. In your home. In a prison. In a school. On the bus. In the office. On the street. This book teaches practical ways to bring the world into the prayer closet and to unleash the power or prayer in our everyday world. 

Through his patented way of teaching the Bible, Dunnam inspires faith with personal experience and contemporary witness, providing inspiring and challenging models of persons living an intercessory life who are standing in the gap and taking light into dark places. This resource is great for small groups, but flexible enough for individuals or even church-wide study. Also available, as a companion to the study, is a DVD that contains six fifteen-minute videos in which Dunnam shares further teaching about how our lives can be a missional model for discipleship.

God can do a lot through those willing to take risks on the journey of faith. Maxie Dunnam gives us bold guidance in what may be his best work yet.

Preview week one of The Intercessory Life.

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