With Jesus in the Upper Room

Maxie Dunnam

The last supper with Jesus was a momentous occasion for the disciples. This was the last intimate time Jesus had with His disciples, and has been called “Jesus’ Final Discourse.” Some biblical scholars refer to it as “Jesus’ Last Will and Testament to His Church.”

Jesus knows that this is the last time He is physically going to spend with you. He knows He’s going to die. What does He need to say? What lessons has He taught you that He needs to underscore? How does He need to relate? What actions does He need to take to make clear who He is and what He has tried to communicate? His words in the Upper Room were as monumental for his twelve disciples then as they are for His contemporary disciples now.

In this seven-week study, Maxie Dunnam leads readers through John 13–17 to this most precious legacy of Jesus’ teaching, the distillation of His thought and message—what He really wants us to hear. We are His modern friends, to whom He speaks as lovingly as He did to His friends in the Upper Room. Knowing all of this, will you listen to Him?

Preview the first week of content here and the first week of video here.

About the Author

Maxie Dunnam is minister at large of Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. During more than sixty years of ministry, he has served as pastor of rural, suburban, and urban congregations. Apart from pastoral assignments, he has served as world editor of the Upper Room and president of Asbury Theological Seminary.

During his tenure on the staff of the Upper Room, the Walk to Emmaus and the Academy of Spiritual Formation were begun. For the ten years he served as president of Asbury, the school pioneered the use of technology, establishing a virtual campus, and a second geographical campus in Orlando, Florida.

In his role as minister at large at Christ Church, he co-hosts a weekly television program; represents and champions the expansive missional outreach of the congregation, including his commitment to public education, which he believes is the civil rights issue of this century; and plants faith communities among the underserved.

He is a prolific writer, having authored more than forty books, including The Workbook of Living Prayer, which has sold more than a million copies and is printed in six languages. His latest book is titled The Intercessory Life: A Missional Model of Discipleship.