The Intercessory Life: Breaking the Impossibility Barrier

Maxie Dunnam

The Intercessory Life is a model for discipleship, empowered by prayer and the Holy Spirit. Intercession is prayer, but it is far more than that: It is life. The life of a person seeking to be Christ in the world. It is a life where prayer and mission intersect.

Jesus saw himself as “the sent one.” Over 40 times in the Gospel of John he makes the claim that he was sent by God. God needed someone to represent him, so he sent his Son. Likewise, Jesus needs someone to represent him, so he sends us. “As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.”

The Intercessory Life teaches a way of prayer and action where there is a daily fusion of sanctuaries and streets, of human pain and divine power, turning impossible barriers into promising breakthroughs. This book teaches practical ways to bring the world into the prayer closet and to unleash the power of priestly living in our everyday world: in schools, prisons, on the bus, in the office, on the street.

Through his patented way of teaching the Bible, Dunnam inspires faith with powerful stories and provokes action with practical exercises. Familiar, almost ethereal phrases like “abide in Christ” and “abundant life” are dissected, turned over, rearranged—inviting us to a deeper, clearer understanding of what it means to live as a light-bearing intercessor in a world still stuck in the shadows.

The Intercessory Life is great for small groups but flexible enough for individual or even a church-wide study.* Or try it for a season around the family table.

God can do a lot in forty days through those willing to take risks on the journey of faith. Maxie Dunnam gives us bold guidance in what may be his best work yet.

Preview week one of The Intercessory Life.

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